[Digikam-users] auto-rotate image with exif info

Stephan van den Akker memelink.akker at planet.nl
Sun Sep 25 19:13:26 BST 2005

Le Samedi 24 Septembre 2005 11:34, Franck Collineau a écrit :

>> Hello,
>> I use 0.7.3 digikam on mandriva 2005.
>> I have 2 cameras: Canon A70 and Canon 350D
>> When i download images on my PC, photos are not auto rotated.
>> I have set all the configuration for auto-rotating with exif infos.
>> Why does not it work ?
>> Thanks
>> Franck
Gilles Caulier replied:

I'm not sure, but i think this problem have been fixed in current 
implementation (future digiKam 0.8.0). Can you test with the current svn 
implementation ? Anybody who uses 0.8.0 beta can check if this point 
have been fixed ? Thanks in advance. Gilles Caulier

Hi Gilles, Franck,

I use 0.8.0 beta 1 with kipi-plugins-0.1.0-beta2 and a Canon 300D and the problem is still there. 

Renchi Raju informed me a while ago that he traced the problem to kipi-plugins and solved it. As i had problems compiling the svn version i'm waiting for the final release of the plugins. For more information have a look at:



Stephan van den Akker

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