[Digikam-users] Error loading 'kio_digikamthumbnail'

Tamas Hauer thauer at bluewin.ch
Thu Sep 15 21:14:49 BST 2005

Hi guys,

First time here, but have been using digikam on gentoo for some time. 
Excellent program.  Now I cannot wait until the new features get to
portage, so I started installing the beta from sources.

For two days I have been getting this:
klauncher said: Error loading 'kio_digikamthumbnail'.

I have tried compiling the beta and recently from svn, tried with the
system's kipi and kexif and recompiled ones.  No difference unfortunately.


and I am installing into /usr/local/kde/3.4 (configure --prefix...) (a
directory owned by an ordinary user).  Compilation works, installs,
program runs but the thumbnails are nowhere.

I guess I am just hoping that this is a well-known problem caused by
some obvious stupidity on my part...



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