[Digikam-users] unable to save picture with showfoto

Renchi Raju renchi.raju at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 07:56:52 BST 2005

Pierre Puiseux wrote:
> I have read/write permissions on file.
> I can't save, I can't save as...
> If I run digikam as ROOT, the same problem occur.
> Thanks for help 

I sent this reply earlier to the devel:

you most likely need the imlib2 devel package installed too. there is a 
bug in the kdelibs dynamic library loader which requires that the .la 
files to be installed if the library can be installed as well. the 
imlib2 devel package will install the .la files for the image loaders. 
in your case, most likely the imlib2 loading is failing and digikam is 
falling back to loading images using the kde libraries. when it does 
that there is no write-back support.


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