[Digikam-users] Broken thumbnails on Debian unstable

Henk Loke Henk at loke.name
Tue Sep 13 13:47:42 BST 2005

Op dinsdag 13 september 2005 14:00, schreef Torsten Crass:
> Hi Henk,
> > I have the same setup, the same problem, but the error messages starts
> > with:
> >
> > digikam: WARNING: KIPI::PluginLoader:: createInstanceFromLibrary returned
> > 0 for Afbeeldingsplugin_Kern (digikamimageplugin_core) with error number
> > 3
> >
> > digikam: WARNING: KLibLoader says: De bibliotheekbestanden voor
> > "digikamimageplugin_core.la" zijn niet gevonden in de zoekpaden
> you are, of course, right -- I should have had a closer look at the
> beginning of the error output... I also get the above messages -- at
> least I think that <quote>Library files for "digikaminmagplugin_core.la"
> not found in paths</quote> is equivalent to <quote>De
> bibliotheekbestanden voor "digikamimageplugin_core.la" zijn niet
> gevonden in de zoekpaden</quote> ;-) (Luckily Dutch (it is Dutch, isn't
> it?) is so similar to German that I could guess the meaning...)

After all we're neighbours :-))
> Maybe this helps isolating the cause of the problem?

I thinks so, from 7.2 to 7.4 some libs moved to libdigikam0.

dpkg -L libdigikam0

doesn't include digikamimageplugin_core.la

Where do we file bugs, or someone on the list?


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