[Digikam-users] Broken thumbnails on Debian unstable

Torsten Crass torsten.crass at bioinf.med.uni-goettingen.de
Tue Sep 13 07:58:16 BST 2005

Hi Tom,

> Can you post the output of a "digikam -v" in a konsole? 

in a konsole, digikam -v says:

Qt: 3.3.4
KDE: 3.4.2
digiKam: 0.7.4

> Did you try to install a different version of digiKam manually in the past?

Well, I've been using digiKam since, hm, I think it was like May on a
Debian unstable system, and it worked fine initially. (Don't ask me
which digiKam version exactly I used; I guess it was something like 7.2
or 7.3. KDE was in version 3.3 those days.) Last time I used it must
have been about three to four weeks ago. In the meantime, I performed a
"smart upgrade" using Synaptic, and when I wanted to process some new
pictures last weekend, I encountered the described problems.

So do you think this ia a digiKam problem, or is it just stupid me not
ready for Linux on the desktop...? ;-)

Best regards --


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