[Digikam-users] feature-request: optional view of children of tag

Harald Finster hfinster at gmx.de
Sun Oct 30 18:09:12 GMT 2005


Tom Albers wrote:

> That should work in 0.8. Are you running a beta of 0.8? If so, please file a 
> bug.

after having solved some trouble with libkipi, I finally managed to
run 0.8.0 - looks very good!

And, as software-users are never happy - even with the best software,
I would like to suggest one more feature (probably more complex to

It would be nice to be able to tag tags.

The following example might illustrate, why:

Assume, you have a complex industrial plans consisting
of severals buildings:

I use tags to assign the substructures to images

           blast-furnace-xy-no1 <- image-of-bf1-a image-of-bf1-b image-of-bf1-and-bf2 ...
           blast-furnace-xy-no2 <- image-of-bf2-a image-of-bf2-b image-of-bf1-and-bf2 ...
           water-tower-xy-no1                       ...
           engine-house-xy                          ...

now, I would also like to categorize my images.
However, instead of directly categorizing the images, it would
be nice to categorize the substructures by adding tags, i.e.

      steel-industry <- steel-mill-xy
          blast-furnaces <- blast-furnace-no1 blast-furnace-no2
          oxygen-factories <- oxygen-factory
              hot-rolling-mills <- hot-rolling-mill
      gas-holders  <- gas-holder-no1
      water-towers <- water-tower-no1

So looking for images tagged with category 'steel-industry' would show all
substructures of 'steel-mill-xy' (and all images of it).
Looking for category 'gas-holders' would show all images of gasholders
('gasholder-xy-no1' in this case).

Hope, my example is not too confusing.

I would be willing to work on this, if someone would show me a 'starting-point'.

Greetings Harald

Dr.-Ing. Harald Finster / Aachen Germany
http://www.finster-stahlart.de industrial history and architecture
http://www.astrid-aix.de       gallery: watercolours and oil paintings

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