[Digikam-users] Batch - rename images - sequence number

efpost efpost at web.de
Sun Oct 30 12:25:53 GMT 2005


quite recently I switched from windows to linux and from imatch to
digikam. I'm using version 0.7.4.

I have not yet solved the following problem: I have got, let's say, 150
images on my camera with names like IMG_9753.JPG and so on in sequence.
I want to store them in digikam with names like cityname-9753.JPG. There
are two possible solutions.
1) The downloading process offers me the possibility to change the names
including a sequence number. But this number starts with 1.

2) After I have stored said 150 images in my digikam albums I can
batch-rename them according to my needs. In the above example I would
set a prefix string like cityname-97 and a sequence number start value
of 53, because it is not possible to set a 3 or 4-digit start value.
This results in the image renamed cityname-97053. If the number of
images to be renamed is more then 9, digikam inserts a leading 0 between
prefix string and sequence number.

Workaround for me is to rename in batches of 9 images. That is quite

Wish is to have sequence number start values both at downloading and
batch renaming which accept up to 5-digit numbers.

Hope is that I have overseen some features or made a mistake and that
somebody will guide me to the right solution.

Udo Einhoff

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