[Digikam-users] Feature requests/opinions

Caulier Gilles caulier.gilles at free.fr
Wed Oct 19 04:23:08 BST 2005

Le Mardi 18 Octobre 2005 20:33, Robert Gomułka a écrit :
> Hello,
> this is my first post to the list. I would like to share my ideas with you
> in the form of feature request to digikam, which I have used for about a
> year (and I enjoy using it very much).
> First of all, I lack histogram scaling feature. Yes, I can move it around
> the window, but sometimes I cannot see the left or right edge. It makes a
> difference to see them, especially to see if the image is neither too dark
> nor too bright.

The blended histogram on image editor is limited to linear scale. I will 
remove this feature because histogram, Exif info, and comments & tags editor 
dialogs will be moved to dedicaced SideBar on right of :

- main digikam window.
- image editor 
- showfoto.

This way will solve a lot of file in B.K.O. It's planed to next release 
(0.8.1, not 0.8.0). You can see any screenshots at this url :


> Second, I would like to see exif information in the same way as a histogram
> - semitransparent on the image, 

no, see preview point.

> with configurable options (which part of 
> exif data to see - for example resolution of taken photo - DPI - is not
> needed at all so I would like not to see it at all).

Hum Exif tool will be extended to the next release, certainly to 0.9.0 : IPTC, 
XMP, etc.

> And finally - sometimes I want to compare two pictures, which is better.
> Now when I click on a thumbnail, image is opened (that's ok). Then I want
> to open second one and it is opened in the same window, which does not
> allow me to compare them in the same time.

Please make a file to B.K.O about this point.


Gilles Caulier

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