[Digikam-users] Info about Camera compatibility

Tom Albers tomalbers at kde.nl
Thu Oct 13 17:30:17 BST 2005

Op donderdag 13 oktober 2005 18:13, schreef Ken Walker:
> I recently sent an email to the list asking whether a particular
> brand/model of camera would work with digikam which must have been
> outside of the boundaries of the list.  What web sites are people here
> using to find such info?

We have probably missed the question, although the question is asked more than 
a dozen times in the past ;-)

digiKam supports all usb mass storage devices camera's and all camera's 
supported by photo2. You can find a list on their website. Basically if your 
camera supports ptp or USB Mass Storage, chances are pretty high it just 


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