[Digikam-users] Preview/download doesn't work in 0.7.3

Elad Lahav elahav at uwaterloo.ca
Sun Jul 24 15:43:11 BST 2005


I have been having problems connecting with my camera (Kodak 7350) ever since 
I upgraded to version 0.7.3.
Everything works fine with gphoto2: I can get thumbnails and download files 
without any problem. Digikam seems to be able to connect to the camera, and 
even displays the list of stored files. But it neither produces thumbnails, 
nor allows for file download. It also seems that it doesn't 
initialise/terminate the connection as it should, as I have to restart the 
camera before and after using Digikam.

Is there any debugging information I can get from Digikam?


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