[Digikam-users] Digikam not always see an image comments made with GIMP.

Andrew Svet z-vet at 012.net.il
Sat Jul 23 14:04:48 BST 2005

On Saturday 23 July 2005 16:26, Caulier Gilles wrote:
> Le Samedi 23 Juillet 2005 14:01, Andrew Svet a écrit :
> > Hi all.
> > When i save jpegs with The GIMP i always add my copyright as a comment to
> > image. Digikam seems to read this comment, but not in any image,
> > sometimes this comment doesn't appears in appropriate field. Opening
> > image again in GIMP and reading an info shows that comment was saved and
> > GIMP can read it. Any ideas what's wrong and what it depends on?
> > digikam 0.8.0-cvs
> Are you sure that your gimp version save correcly the comments ?
I sure since when i open these images with GIMP, it can read the comment (it 
shows up in 'Info' window). Digikam can't see the comment for some images.
More than this, i edited two photos taken today with GIMP and added comment to 
both. Digikam reads the comment in firs image but can't read it in second. 
Opening both with GIMP shows me that comment is there in both.
> Witch gimp version you use ?
I use GIMP 2.2.8
> Witch digiKam settings you use to disply comments from image ?
First, digikam shows an image comment in yellow popup when i point the image 
with the cursor. Second, there is "Properties" in right-click menu or in 
"Image" menu for highlighted thumbnail.
Best regards, Andrew Svet a.k.a. z-vet

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