[Digikam-users] klauncher : "unknown digikamalbums protocol"

Tom Albers tomalbers at kde.nl
Thu Jul 21 11:38:27 BST 2005

Op donderdag 21 juli 2005 11:19, schreef Xavier Verne:
> digikam: WARNING: Failed to list url
> digikam: ERROR: : couldn't create slave : Impossible
> de créer le module d'entrées/sorties :
> klauncher a retourné : Protocole «digikamalbums»
> inconnu.
> Other kioslaves seems to be somewhat missing like
> digikamdates and digikamsearch (for this one, I get a
> GUI dialog error message when I try to do a New
> Search)

Something went wrong with the installation. Did you remove the distro version 
of digiKam & co? Which prefix did you use for ./configure?

I'm cc'ing the digikam-user list, which is the correct mailinglist for these 

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