[Digikam-users] digikam just crashed

Renchi Raju renchi at pooh.tam.uiuc.edu
Mon Jul 18 04:03:34 BST 2005

On Sun, 17 Jul 2005, Oliver wrote:

> i'm using digikam 0.7.4 (splitted tarballs provided by Renchi) on a SuSE
> 9.2 with KDE 3.4.1 and digikam just crashed. It is a special photo
> diverse193.JPG that brings digikam to crash. I've tested also showFoto
> (no problem opening it) and Gimp (gives an error message regarding a
> missing plugin). If somebody likes to have it for troubleshooting
> reasons, i could send it...
> #7  0x4176eda2 in exif_data_load_data () from /usr/lib/libexif.so.10
> #8  0x41772b0f in exif_loader_get_data () from /usr/lib/libexif.so.10
> #9  0x4176da28 in exif_data_new_from_file () from /usr/lib/libexif.so.10

its a crash in libexif. what version of libexif and can you email me that 


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