[Digikam-users] digikam 0.7.3 and k3b 0.12.2

Per Aalrust peraalrust at t-online.de
Wed Jul 13 20:59:19 BST 2005


> As said before, you can make a html-gallery in digikam, and then import
> that gallery into k3b
> The operation is a bit different, but the result is afaik the same.

	Of course does the method you describe work. But it is very handy
just select the album and don't think about the rest...

I am wondering whether the problem is caused by digikam or by k3b.
Anybody out here who knows any details? 

I searched in Google and found the same problem occured some time ago 
with older versions of digikam and k3b. The workaroound described in a 
mailing list does only work half ways (create a batch file with:  k3b $ at 
--nofork). K3b starts and the created temporary directory is available
in /temp/... That means k3b does not get the path info of the created files. 
Any idea how to overcome that problem?


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