[Digikam-users] email+thunderbird

Stephan van den Akker memelink.akker at planet.nl
Sun Jul 10 19:34:08 BST 2005

/Oliver Dörr wrote:/

> Hmmm,
> i can't confirm the bug. -remote works on my system. Could you test it 
> by starting thunderbird and typing
> touch /tmp/file1
> /opt/thunderbird/thunderbird -remote 
> "xfeDoCommand(composeMessage,attachment='file://tmp/file1' <file://tmp/file1%27>)"
> into a shell. This should bring a message window up with file1 attached.

> Oliver

Your commands work, Oliver! I also found out that "e-mail images.." works when an instance of thunderbird is already running.
But still no succes when thunderbird is not running....
With mozilla-mail "e-mail images.." works, even if it is not running.

System: SuSE 9.2, KDE 3.3.0
Software setup:
- digikam 0.7.3
- digikamimageplugins 0.7.3
- kipi-plugins 0.1.0 beta 2
- libkipi 0.1.1 (all downloaded from sf.net and compiled from source)
- thunderbird 1.0.2 (downloaded from www.mozilla.org)
- mozilla 1.7.7 (standard SuSE 9.2 rpm's)

Seeing that things do work as expected with mozilla-mail, is it a digikam bug or a thunderbird bug?


Stephan van den Akker

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