[Digikam-users] email+thunderbird

Stephan van den Akker memelink.akker at planet.nl
Sun Jul 10 17:07:05 BST 2005

Hi Digikam users/developers,

I also encountered the same problem with Thunderbird 0.8 through 1.0.2 
(SuSE 9.0 and SuSE 9.2) with Digikam 0.7+. The Digikam "e-mail images" 
function saves me hours per week!!

The problem seems to be a bug in Thunderbird, which keeps me on the 
Mozilla suite for now. Have a look at


the bugreport is titled "thunderbird -remote not working on linux". To 
my dismay the severity rating is "minor". It's a complete showstopper 
for me!
Maybe we should all vote for this bug to get thunderbird working with 



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