[Digikam-users] email+thunderbird

Oliver Dörr oliver at doerr-privat.de
Sun Jul 10 15:55:51 BST 2005

Hi Gilles,

i just found something wrong in the startup process from thunderbird 
from KIPI. If thunderbird itself has to be started (cause of no running 
instance), it is started using

/opt/thunderbird/run-mozilla.sh /opt/thunderbird/thunderbird-bin -remote

I found this information in the thunderbird start script for debbugging 
purposes. The option -remote is only used then talking to a running 
instance of thunderbird....

So as a test i started my thunderbird manually the same way kipi does 
and got
/opt/thunderbird/thunderbird -remote
Error: -remote requires an argument

but not a running thunderbird. So this maybe the problem. (it is a 
problem on my system ;-)


Oliver Dörr wrote:

>just tested at my system (SuSE 9.2 with KDE 3.4.1, digikam 0.7.3b, KIPI 
>0.1.1, thunderbird 1.0.2 from mozilla.org) and got also a strange 
>behaviour. Everything works fine, if thunderbird is already started. Do 
>you have the same behaviour?
>I will investigate my system, perhaps you have the same problem
>Lenny Leblanc wrote:
>>Hi All,
>>I'm trying to email some pictures from Digikam using Thunderbird.  I 
>>know that I can simply open Thunderbird and attach images, but it would 
>>be nice if I could do it directly from Digikam.
>>Everything appears to work fine with the "Email Images..." menu option, 
>>except when it attempts to load Thunderbird, nothing happens.
>>If I already have Thunderbird open, I get a message saying "An error 
>>occurred while creating a message compose window.  Please try again.".
>>Any ideas?
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