[Digikam-users] Canon Rebel xt 350D

John Manfredi jd333326 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 31 18:23:16 GMT 2005

     I can't seem to get digiKam to recognize my Canon
Rebel Xt 350 D. This camera is supported in both the
normal and PTP modes according to the list of
supported camera's provided when "Add New" camera is
     I am running Debian Linux distribution. I am new
to Linux(love it)and could be missing something
simple. Please dumb it down for me if you have a
     One other thing. digiKam will sometimes recognize
my camera as a "USB PTP Class Camera" when my camera
is engaged in Print/PTP mode and I run "Autodetect",
however this is fruitless; when I attempt to download
photos digiKam will not recognize that my camera is
there. The later does not consistently detect my
camera as "USB PTP...". 


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