[Digikam-users] Planning digiKam 0.8.1

Tom Albers tomalbers at kde.nl
Sat Dec 31 15:19:56 GMT 2005


In about two weeks I want to make a new release of digiKam, that would be 
0.8.1. That one is coming from the branch, not from trunk.

We normally release 4 tarballs: digikam, digikam-docs, digikamimageplugins and 

I have not planned to make a release of the digikamiamgeplugins, because we 
did not change anything as fas as I recall atm.  If any team has worked on 
the documentation of digikam or digikamimageplugins, let me know, I will make 
a release of that package in that case.

There will be a few gui string changes early next week, but I wanted to let 
you know as early as possible this schedule.

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