[Digikam-users] Error when deleting current picture?

Joern Ahrens joern.ahrens at kdemail.net
Wed Dec 28 20:38:30 GMT 2005

On Wednesday 28 December 2005 20:49, Bart Braem wrote:
> When I delete the picture I am viewing with shift-delete digikam gives a
> permission error (access denied) and then an empty error.
> Is that error fixed in versions after 0.7.1? 
I don't know anymore, if we had such a problem with 0.7.1 but with 0.8 there 
isn't such bug.

> I love your software but I 
> don't want to risk any harm to my photos by running versions marked
> unstable by my distribution (gentoo).
Trust me ;) there is no risk to use 0.8 even though it is marked as unstable. 
That doesn't mean the software is unstable, but gentoo hasn't done enough 
tests. I use 0.8 (from svn trunk) since we started developing it (for about 9 
month, or is it even a year now) and I never lost any image or had a 
corrupted database.

But that doesn't mean, you don't have to update your images! There are still 
user mistakes, faulty hard disks,.... Backup your images, the 
digikam3.db/digikam.db and digikamrc files, whatever version you use.

... Jörn

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