[Digikam-users] html layout

Gerhard Kulzer gerhard at kulzer.net
Wed Dec 28 16:57:48 GMT 2005

On Wednesday, 28. December 2005 17:53, jdd wrote:
> Belinda Martin wrote:
> > Yeah, I worked already on that one. Have a setup compiled into
> > kipi-plugins with css that renders the thumbs with auto-adaptive drop
> > shadows and float on the page (instead of fixed columns). Works fine on
> > konqueror and firefox. Needs some css torture to work with Internet
> > explorer and W3C
> > testing/qualification.
> where can I find such a candy?
> thanks
> jdd

You can find it on my computer at home in Switzerland (where it stopped 
replying to me yesterday, maybe too much snow on the roof!). I'm in France 
right now and will not be back home before the 5th of January.


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