[Digikam-users] html layout

Belinda Martin belindamartinboni at yahoo.fr
Wed Dec 28 16:43:54 GMT 2005

On Wednesday, 28. December 2005 17:33, jdd wrote:
> Hello :-) happy christmas and happy new year :-)
> I would like to edit the html layout of the export to html
> module (to use css)
> I have compiled digikam 0.8 myself (from tgz, not cvs), but
> I can't find where this module is located.
> any hint?
> thanks
> jdd

Yeah, I worked already on that one. Have a setup compiled into kipi-plugins 
with css that renders the thumbs with auto-adaptive drop shadows and float on 
the page (instead of fixed columns). Works fine on konqueror and firefox. 
Needs some css torture to work with Internet explorer and W3C 


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