[Digikam-users] Thumbails in Digikam...

Tom Albers tomalbers at kde.nl
Sat Dec 17 13:20:59 GMT 2005

Op zaterdag 17 december 2005 11:24, schreef David BERCOT:
> Hi,
> I use the 0.8 version under Debian Sid with Gnome 2.10.
> When I open my camera, I can see the first image of the film I made.
> But, after I have downloaded them, I can only see thumbail of photos,
> but not of films !!!
> Do you have any idea ?

We rely on KDE for the thumbnails. Can you check if there is a thumbnail when 
you look at the folder in Konqueror? 

I believe you need to install something to see them, dont recall what 
though ;-)

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