[Digikam-users] Nikon NEF (RAW) images in Digikam

Dennis Meulensteen dennis at meulensteen.nl
Thu Dec 8 07:29:13 GMT 2005


I use a D70 and hav a RAW workflow myself, embedded within DigiKam.
Here's what I do:

   1. Shoot NEF only (no 'jpeg-buddy' files).
   2. Exit digikam
   3. Take card, upload into own directory within digicam album
      directory using fast reader.
   4. Run a special script (which you may have if you want it). This
      script scanss through my whole digiKam album dir and
          * Moves all NEF files into a (new)./nef sub dir
          * Makes preview (mail, web) images +/- 700x500 in the original
            upload directory using fast DC-Raw settings based on saved
            profile (incl exif)
          * Replaces any missing preview images
          * leaves already processed nef files alone
   5. I then start DigiKam
   6. Using the right menu (open with...) on my PREVIEW images, I fire
      scripts that:
          * Delete jpeg preview and assoc. nef
          * Open DC-Raw, Gimp etc with the assoc. nef.

Basicaly this allows me to utilise my favorite raw converter and the 
awesome speed and versatility of DigiKam to best advantage.

Maybe this could be of help to you?


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