[Digikam-users] digikam: symbol lookup error

Risto Saukonpää paristo at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 01:05:48 GMT 2005

Hi! I have be a big fan of picasa because it has calender possibilities. Now 
when digikam 0.8 has come out i readed that it has calender possibility and i 
was happy for that because digikam is my favorite photoalbum software on KDE 
(and it almost wins picasa).

So i looked google groups around to find where to get digikam 0.8 rpm because 
-06 version dont has it yet.  First i did try to install it from source, i 
got everything installed (all plugins and libraries what it needed from 
source) but it did give just a 0.7.3 version. So i needed to find a RPM 
version of it and as i could find from mandriva group, best place to get is 

Now i have it installed, but it just dont start, it gives this error 
everytime. I updated to KDE 3.5 from cooker (what was good idea too) if that 
would help.

First time when i start digikam, it shows that window where i should select 
patch to pictures. After that, nothing happens. Seconds start gives error:

digikam: symbol lookup error: digikam: undefined symbol: _ZN12AlbumManagerC1Ev

I have Mandriva 2006 and i updated KDE from cooker and digikam + plugins.

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