[Digikam-users] Can't see photos

wayne iw at ukulele.com
Thu Dec 1 07:35:08 GMT 2005

On Wednesday 30 November 2005 09:04 pm, Martin wrote:

> > I can download my photos into the digikam folders but I can't see them
> > in the folder. I know they're there because I can see them in
> > Konqueror file manager. Also, when I try to download them again into
> > the same folder, it tells me that they're already there and asks if I
> > want to write over them. So, the photos are there but I can't see
> > them, not even the frames.
> maybe the Tag-filter (on the right) is used?

No, I checked that. It's not used. I'll try to find another package to 


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