Hooked up the test data! -- DONE!!!

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 06:40:38 BST 2022

Le jeu. 6 oct. 2022 à 02:26, Steven Robbins <steve at sumost.ca> a écrit :
> Hello,

Hi Steven,

> I'm happy to report that the last few kinks with digikam-test-data have been
> ironed out.   I have small video test files in a forked repo [1] which are
> being consumed by tests in a forked repo of digikam itself [2].

Great news. Congratulations...

> Before I start with merge requests, please have a quick look at [1] and let me
> know if you're OK with the file layout and naming.  There's only four test files
> at the moment so there's not a well-developed naming convention -- mostly it
> consists of using a sub-directory named "video"; I expect that later there
> will be one named "images".

Yes, this is the right way. In fact the best naming convention will be
to use the same core/tests/...subdirs... names. Each group of
unit-tests hosted in a same directory must point to a data subdir
hosted in a similar hierarchy. Like this, this will be very easy to
found which data files is used for a specific unit test.

We have the metadataengine unit-tests with image test files ready to
migrate to the new data repository for ex.


I seen the README updated too. Thanks.

Where are the CMake rules to checkout the unit tests data repository ?

> On Monday, October 3, 2022 9:18:21 A.M. CDT Steven Robbins wrote:
> > So now my problem is the actual tests.  They run fine on my system -- I have
> > tested both ffmpeg 4 and 5 -- but fail on all three testers.  The failure
> > is right in the beginning -- at the load() call.  I had been supposing it
> > was because the codec wasn't supported, but I changed codecslist.cpp to
> > always print and the codec used in the file is listed.  So I'm boggled.
> It turned out to be two distinct issues.
> 1. Windows had git-lfs installed but suse and freebsd did not.  This resulted
> in the latter two not actually having the file content available.  Ben has
> installed git-lfs for suse and put out a request to someone else for freebsd.
> 2. The Suse CI executer has a very very limited selection of codecs; so it was
> failing for this reason.  I finally worked out which codecs were available and
> transcoded the test file to mpeg2 to get the test to run.

It can be a good idea to patch the README to explain this
particularity of gitlab CI.



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