Hooked up the test data!

Steven Robbins steve at sumost.ca
Mon Oct 3 15:18:21 BST 2022


I have populated and pushed (a fork of) digika-test-data [1] and hooked it up 
to the main digikam repo -- again, in my fork [2].  After Ben pointed out that 
perl was not available on all platforms, I just put in a "git clone" line into 
cmake and it works fine on the three testers.

So now my problem is the actual tests.  They run fine on my system -- I have 
tested both ffmpeg 4 and 5 -- but fail on all three testers.  The failure is 
right in the beginning -- at the load() call.  I had been supposing it was 
because the codec wasn't supported, but I changed codecslist.cpp to always 
print and the codec used in the file is listed.  So I'm boggled.

Is there any way to get a shell on one of these systems to do test build/

[1] https://invent.kde.org/srobbins/digikam-test-data
[2] https://invent.kde.org/srobbins/digikam
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