Fwd: A three-part guide to installing and configuring digiKam with MariaDB on Windows 10

digikam at tase.com digikam at tase.com
Sun Nov 27 14:16:26 GMT 2022

I recently struggled through getting digiKam and MariaDB up and running 
on Windows 10.  Then a user on the KDE digiKam forum had the same 
questions I did.  While I am no expert, I did recreate my steps and 
packaged them into a three-part guide.

Part 1 is installing digiKam with SQLite.  Part 2 is installing and 
configuring MariaDB.  Part 3 is migrating SQLite to MariaDB.

The guide is available at http://tase.com/digikam/

I would really like comments to help improve this for other people.  
Being new to the mailing list, I don't what the correct way to get 
feedback is.  I guess you can use the mailing list or send e-mail 
directly back to me at digikam at tase.com.



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