Automated usage of Gitlab

Nicolas Fella nicolas.fella at
Sun Jul 3 12:43:17 BST 2022

On 7/3/22 12:45, Ben Cooksley wrote:
> Hi all,
> Recent analysis of the logs of our Giltab instance has revealed
> numerous instances of files being directly retrieved from Gitlab
> (using the /raw/ API). Much to my incredible sadness, this has
> included accesses being made by KDE Applications themselves.
> As a reminder, automated access to the "raw files" API of Gitlab is
> strictly prohibited and not permitted under any circumstances. The
> only use of it which is allowed is within .gitlab-ci.yml files to
> import job definitions from sysadmin/ci-utilities.
> At this time I am tracking:
> - Retrieval of qt/qt/qtbase - .qmake.conf and extra-cmake-modules -
> FindUDev.cmake and COPYING-CMAKE-SCRIPTS from systems operating in
> Microsoft Azure using curl.
> - Retrieval of *.colors files from the Breeze repositories,
> originating from KDE CI/CD servers, likely as a consequence of unit
> tests or Craft builds

That looks like

That's the only usage of raw invent URLs I see in craft-blueprints-kde

> - Retrieval of various code examples from various repositories,
> originating from KDE CI/CD servers, likely due to unit tests or Craft
> builds utilising them
> - Retrieval by Digikam itself of files from the Digikam code
> repository (see
> The last one is particularly upsetting, as this is how we ended up
> with a bad situation with Discover.
> Developers - please discuss with Sysadmin before implementing
> functionality in your software that communicates with
> infrastructure so we can ensure that the endpoints you are contacting
> are highly scalable.
> Gitlab does not meet this criteria by any definition at all.
> If we could please get these corrected that would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Ben

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