Ideas for furher features

Doktor Ziel doktor at
Mon Nov 8 19:34:36 GMT 2021


I need to admit that I have been using digikam for not very long time.
But I am big fan of open source software. I am programmer and I take
photos in my spare time.

I have been thinking about two features I'd like to add to digikam:

1. Something similar to lightroom's presets (maybe ability to use
original presets created for lightroom). It's just an idea and I'd like
to get know your opinion. I have never used lightroom, just watched
several videos and saw adds of presets packages.

2. Enhance geolocation module. Set localization of a photo to GPS
record stored in the Google account. I think it is possible via Google

What do you think? Any advices? Suggestions? Opinions?

Best regards
Paweł Bogdan a.k.a Doktor Ziel

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