Chinese translation for digiKam's official website

Tyson Tan tysontan at
Tue Feb 9 20:24:20 GMT 2021

Hi digiKam team,
My name is Tyson Tan. I'm the current main Simplified Chinese translator 
of digiKam. I've recently finished the task of re-translating digiKam to 
simplified Chinese.

digiKam is currently not well-known among the Chinese-speaking regions. 
I think it is also a result of digiKam's information being  English 
only. Is it possible to make digiKam's official website multilingual? If 
so, I'm willing to provide Chinese translation for the website as well. 
Although I probably can't keep up with the blogs, I can at least make 
sure the basic pages are translated for the localized search engines to 
index it.

Best wishes,
Tyson Tan

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