Help with compiling on Ubuntu

Erich Eickmeyer eeickmeyer at
Sun Oct 18 22:18:59 BST 2020

Hi Digikam Developers!

Just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Erich Eickmeyer, Project Leader
of Ubuntu Studio.

Beginning with 20.10, we have switched to KDE Plasma and are also
including Digikam by default. I have used Digikam for many years, and
absolutely love it. Our photographers and graphics artists in the
community will also love it. So, congratulations, you're in Ubuntu
Studio by default!

There's just one problem: we sync from Debian for the Digikam package,
and it appears to be stuck on 6.4.0. I'm attempting to re-package 7.1.0
downstream in Ubuntu, but I'm running into a problem which I can't identify.

If someone wouldn't mind taking a look at this logfile and tell me what
I need to do, I'd appreciate it. :)

Right now, I'm just attempting to build it in my testbuild PPA before I
upload it to the archive for HH and to the Ubuntu Studio Backports.

First, I attempted to contact you via #digikam, but someone responded
and recommended this ML, so here I am. :)

Thanks in advance,

Erich Eickmeyer
Project Leader
Ubuntu Studio

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