Sketch based search in DigiKam

Carl Schwan schwancarl at
Mon Jun 3 21:36:37 BST 2019

Dear DigiKam developers,

I'm a student in the university of Saarbr├╝cken (Germany) (and a KDE 
contributor ;) ) and for a university project, I and 2 other students will 
need to implement a deep learning application and as subject we choose a 
sketch base image retrival. 

We have two months to finish, and because the goal of this course isn't to 
create a fancy GUI to draw the sketch and an advanced database and saw that 
DigiKam already has this feature, we will probably fork the DigiKam GUI and 
replace the current implementation of the sketch based search in DigiKam with 
a new one.

Do the DigiKam developers, think it could be easy to replace the curent sketch 
based implementation with another writen in python and pytorch?

And are the DigiKam developers interested in merging the new implementation to 
DigiKam, if we archive better result than the current implementation?

We didn't start our implementation yet, but we already have a project proposal 
(in the attachment), where we looked at multiple research papers.

Best Regards,

Carl Schwan

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