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James McKaughan james_mckaughan at hotmail.co.uk
Mon Feb 25 15:28:03 GMT 2019

Thanks for your suggestion. I don't really want the overlay to be on every photo permanently, I just want it to be viewed on top of all the photos to be tagged in order to indicate what distance tag will be required. Each individual photo should remain unedited in appearance.

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Sounds like a task more suitable for GIMP or Krita where you can add images as layers and then either merge the layers or create a new layer from visible.

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Hi all

I am trying to use digikam to tag photos to analyse images based on the distance away from the camera an animal is captured at. To do this I have taken a photo with the relevant distances marked out on the photo and have since edited the image to remove the background of the image and just leave the required distance markers. I now want to overlay this image to all the images I want to tag to enable me to tag distances for each image I have from camera traps. I am fairly new to digikam and was wondering if there is a way to do this or an alternative way in digikam to achieve the same thing?

Many thanks
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