Digikam-devel Digest, Vol 165, Issue 14

Andrew Goodbody ajg02 at elfringham.co.uk
Sun Feb 10 12:45:16 GMT 2019

On 10/02/2019 12:05, JaY Singh wrote:
> Hi, Gilles
> i followed the documentation and guide to build digikam locally on my 
> system and i have already installed all the dependencies required for 
> it.But after executing the bootstrap.linux script i am facing an error 
> which i just couldn't resolve on my own .The Output Goes like this:
> _______________________________________________________________________________________________
> jay at JaY:~$ cd digikam
> jay at JaY:~/digikam$ ls
> AUTHORS             ChangeLog              doc             Messages.sh
> bootstrap.linux     CMakeLists.txt         download-repos  NEWS
> bootstrap.local     CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md     Doxyfile        PACKAGING
> bootstrap.macports  COPYING                git2cl          project
> bootstrap.mxe       COPYING-CMAKE-SCRIPTS  gits            README.BUNDLES
> bootstrap.tarball   COPYING.LIB            gitup           README.DEVEL
> build               core                   Mainpage.dox    README.md
> jay at JaY:~/digikam$ ./bootstrap.linux
> qtpaths: could not find a Qt installation of ''
> FAILED COMMAND: QT_INSTALL_PREFIX=`qtpaths --install-prefix`
> ______________________________________________________________________________________________
> Help me out with this.
> Thank You,
> Jay SIngh

Well the important bit is

"could not find a Qt installation"

So you need to install Qt for development. On Debian I think the package 
is qt5-default, so find something like that in your distribution, 
whatever that is.


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