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> Thanks, Gilles
> I have started working on the issue. I'll notify you if I encounter any
> issue.
> Can you please guide me how to compile modified digikam on my system after
> making changes in the code.
> I changed some code in resize.cpp in core directory and ran "make" and
> "sudo
> make install" again. But the changes were not there.
> Is there any other way?

No, it's the right way. Note : if you touch only the plugin code, you just
need to re-install the plugin. That all. So go to
build/core/dplugins/.../_your_plugin_  and run make install/fast as root.

> Also, I am a beginner in Qt. Is there a need to have good experience in Qt
> before working on the code?

yes for the basis. But you are there to learn. The DK code base is already
a good example and fully coded with Qt API (1.5 M code lines). Explore and
ask in this room if necessary.

I am comfortable in learning about it. So, please suggest me some tutorials
> to learn Qt.

Qt provide a package to install with all examples  used in Qt API doc. it's
a first start. Else look in Qt wiki forum, StackOverflow, Youtube, and the
learn area from LinkedIn SN.
Gilles Caulier
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