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Sambhav Dusad sambhavdusad24 at
Tue Feb 5 15:08:59 GMT 2019

I looked into the issues and tried reproducing them. Please correct me if I
am wrong somewhere.

> It would be great if digiKam had a few of such buttons so I wouldn't have
> to type the resolution every time I work on 50 photos from one photoshoot.
> Batch processing resize won't work for me as I usually crop the photo
> before resizing.

I think we can implement this and provide some basic dimensions for resizing
the photo.
Also, we can give some option to the user to have their own customized

> Currently, resize is limited to setting the desired length of one side of
> the image, with a maximum value of 4000 pixels.

Sorry, but I wasn't able to perfectly understand this issue. I tried to
reproduce it and from what I understood, the bug is that the image is
resizable from one side only but I was able to resize it from both the sides
and also the resolution could go to 999% of the image original size which
was greater than 4000px.

> The values should not be limited to 4000 pixels. Better use input boxes
> instead of sliders for that.

If we right click the bars, it turns into a text box and the desired values
can be entered. Do we have to provide a better way to use text boxes?

Sambhav Dusad
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