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Sambhav Dusad sambhavdusad24 at
Sat Feb 2 20:10:09 GMT 2019

I am using kdesrc-build from to
build digikam locally. Currently, I am resolving the errors.
Is it the correct way of building it?
How to edit the files after building digikam and compiling it?

Sambhav Dusad

On Sat, Feb 2, 2019 at 2:26 PM Gilles Caulier <caulier.gilles at>

> Le sam. 2 févr. 2019 à 07:02, Sambhav Dusad <sambhavdusad24 at> a
> écrit :
>> Hello everyone,
>> I am Sambhav, an undergrad from IIT Mandi. I want to contrubute in
>> Project: "Zoomable and Resizable Brush for Healing Clone Tool" for GSoC
>> 2019.
>> I am quite comfortable in C/C++ and i also know about other designing
>> tools.
>> Please guide me for building digikam locally on my system and solving
>> some bugs.
> Hi,
> The GoSC 2019 projects will use the implementation available from digiKam
> "dplugins" git branch. This code will switch back to git master branch
> after digiKam 6.0.0 release, planed around the 10 february.
> So i recommend to checkout this branch and compile it.
> To compile all source code, you need to resolve all dependencies before.
> Check the list given in developers documentation :
> Installing all devel packages with headers and shared libraries is enough.
> If your Linux distro is well done, there is nothing to tune especially.
> Check well all dependency versions.
> When all is ready, run the bootstrap.linux script. If dependencies are
> missing cmake will report the problem on the console.
> When all is configured, it's time to compile. The script create a build
> sub-directory to separate compilation files from source files. Go to build
> and run the famous "make -jN", with N the number of CPU core to use. Here,
> with a i7 8 cores, 32 Gb of RAM, and a SSD storage, this take 10 minutes to
> compile from scratch.
> When all is compiled, form build sub-directory, run "make install/fast" to
> install whole digiKam in your system.
> Voilà, you will found more detail in online documentation if necessary.
> Best
> Gilles Caulier
>> Thank You,
>> Sambhav Dusad

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