Regarding digiKam project-AI face recognition using OpenCV DNN module

Andrew Goodbody ajg02 at
Tue Apr 9 08:54:15 BST 2019

On 09/04/2019 06:11, Chandra Kant wrote:
> Hello all of you,May I know who others are contributing in this project 
> or are in the team so that I can discuss with them about the project.

Hi Chandra,

First of all, you replied to a Digest and included all the content of 
that Digest in your reply. Do not do this, it is really bad list 
etiquette. Create a new email for a new subject, this will keep other 
folks' email threads in order. When replying to an email only include 
enough context for your reply to make sense. Reading the Digest makes it 
hard to reply to a thread.

Secondly with email lists like this, you should just address your 
questions and comments to the list. This allows for anyone with the 
expertise, time and interest to reply. Directing an enquiry at a 
specific person may result in no answer because they are too busy or 
away or some other reason. You will quickly interact with the main 
contributors this way and keep the discussion on topic for the list. 
Asking for introductions is not the topic of the list.

But please be welcome here.


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