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Wed Apr 17 13:17:15 BST 2019

-> Metadata -> Edit Metadata', it does not populate the dialog with metadata
from any existing XMP sidecar file. If I make metadata changes and then apply
them, they are saved directly into the image file and no XMP sidecar is

In essence, changes to the 'Read metadata from XMP sidecar' and 'Metadata
writing mode' settings have no effect on the metadata dialog at all.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open menu 'Settings' -> 'Configure Digikam'
2. Select the 'Metadata' settings page
3. Enable 'Read metadata from XMP sidecar'
4. Change 'Metadata writing mode' to 'Write to XMP sidecar only'
5. Press OK to apply settings & close dialog
6. Select an image which has an XMP sidecar file with 'Headline' field set
7. Open menu 'Image -> Metadata -> Edit All Metadata'
8. Switch to 'Edit XMP' tab
8. Look at existing metadata that is loaded for 'Headline'
9. Make a change to the 'Headline'
10. Press 'Apply'

Actual Results:  
In step 8, the 'headline' field is not populated with data from the XMP
In step 10, the change is written directly into the JPG file, and the XMP
sidecar is unchanged. If there was no existing XMP sidecar in step 10, none is
created either.

Expected Results:  
In step 8, the 'headline' contains the data from the XMP sidecar

In step 10, an XMP sidecar file should be created, or the existing one updated.
No change must be made to the original JPG (as per 'Metadata writing mode'
setting changed made earlier)

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