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Wed Apr 17 13:17:15 BST 2019

I know that Nicolas will test a dedicated release script, but it's not
yet complete/tested.

Note : I just synchronized GoSC2010 branch with trunk (release 1.8.0).
i will continue to sync both until git migration.

I don't plan to patch again trunk for 1.9.0. Only small bug fixes must
be applied. After git migration, i don't know how to sync both. We
will certainly need to do it by hand. So small fixes must be applied
to trunk and backported to git.

In fact, i think 1.9.0 must be the ultimate 1.x release. It's planed
in one month. I will post a messages to translators team to process a
big update of i18n, to considerate this release as the final 1.x
production version.

I will personally switch quickly to 2.0.0 development. I have hot
stuff to code, as tags keyboard shortcuts, tags manager dialog, Color

There are others subject to discut about 2.0.0 as :

- bugzilla with reviewboard : how to manage it easily without to lost
information ?
- Redmine project manager : if i'm not too wrong, it's used by KDE now
to manage projects in background. Right ? If yes, i already use it in
my office, and there are a lots of feature to use with digiKam, as
Gantt chart and TODO list
- about website, we need to update all information about Git migration
: where/how checkout code, where to find project page, etc...


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