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Wed Apr 17 13:17:15 BST 2019

see that the kioslave launcher is failing to hear back from the
kio_digikamalbums even though it exists. Also the retry mechanism to wait for a
slow slave is not being triggered (no 'slave is slow' messages). So
kio_digikamalbums appears to be unresponsive for some time after its creation
and the launcher cannot even tell that it exists let alone communicate with it.
I would guess that the time kio_digikamalbums is unresponsive is related to the
size of the database (number of photos?) as there is heavy disk activity at
this time. Waiting a short time (enough to get db into disk cache?) allows the
slave to start if you do something such as change directory. If you wait too
long it will fail again (db evicted from cache?). Increasing
SLAVE_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT_MIN does allow the slave to start but I don't think
that is an acceptable solution.

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