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Wed Apr 17 13:17:15 BST 2019

There after the copyright data, like author etc.

I would like also to see the possibility to somehow include keywords though
here it's get really confusing as there could be multiple keywords and multiple

My working scenario for which I like to have keywords renaming is as follows:

I have couple of images in various albums and I'm making some selection for
purpose. For example I need to select some images of Mountains, Rivers and
Monuments. So i create following keyword structure: My Tags > Selections >
Selection #1 > Mountains | Rivers | Monuments

I select the images and tag that with respective keywords.

Then I export all images to new album out of archive (like
~/Images/Selection/Selecion #1/*) and I like to rename the images according to
keywords with following pattern
[db:all_descendants_of_keyword:"Selection_#1"]_###.ext so the result will be
something like Mountains_001.tif, Rivers_001.tif etc.

Is it possible?

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