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Wed Apr 17 13:17:15 BST 2019

is turned on, regardless of the settings for color managed view.

> Is there a way to clear thumbnails from the db without completely rebuilding
> it?

rm thumbnails-digikam.db

> And should users be notified about this when they enable color management for
> thumbnails?

If they enable color management, yes maybe...


> I'm running DigiKam on my laptop, hooked up to different monitors at different
> times (monitor at home, monitor at office, laptop's LCD). Each monitor has a
> different gamut and color calibration. I wouldn't want to have to flush the db
> or thumbnail cache every time I switch monitors...

I will go and implement automatic cache flushing if the monitor profile

> How expensive is it to keep thumbnails in the original colorspace, and convert
> them on the fly as done for the full images?

Pretty unacceptably slow. As explained above, this is not needed. The only
complication not covered currently is if someone uses two screens at a time
with different profiles. I deliberately decided not to care for this at the
moment (it can work for the editor, but is of course not tested.)

> (Right now I need to manually switch the colorspace, but work is under way to
> have the X server's RandR extension report the monitor's color space, and
> hopefully DigiKam will use this in the future for automatic switching.)

Interesting. I am implementing #197817 but I dont know how to detect changes.
Worst case is you need to restart the application.

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