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Wed Apr 17 13:17:15 BST 2019

- The is no more release packages to do. all is done by KDE core
automatically. We can only concentrate works to pure development.
- digiKam and Kipi-plugins are released at the same time than KDE.
- We must follow KDE releases and branching. KDE is now released with
a delay of 6 months. This is want mean that we can break code until
4/5 months and freeze new features for last month.
- Playing with code still possible using dedicated branches. We
back-port new code at the right place and right moment.
- This will not includes more in-deep KDE dependencies.

Note that all shared libs used by kipi-plugins and digiKam use already
this release goal. I'm happy with it.

There is no urgency, but we must thinking about this subject for the future.

Andi, Marcel, what do you think about ?


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