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Wed Apr 17 13:17:15 BST 2019

> although this action is advised to make colors
> more vivid.

There are much better ways to make colors more vivid than highlight/shadow clipping. And making colors more vivid seems to fit better in the "hue/saturation/lightness" tool than in the basic "levels adjust" tool.

I think it's important that users understand what an automatic function does - otherwise nobody will use it. Therefore it would be much better if the auto (and the new auto-contrast) function would change the sliders, not the data of the source image (and the source-histogram). Then everybody could see clearly that the current auto-color function adjusts the sliders of the three colour channels while the (new) auto-contrast function only changes the slider of the luminance channel. And if someone likes some small degree of highlight clipping then he could just move the slider a little bit further.

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