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Mon Mar 5 16:32:27 GMT 2018

Hello everyone,

I am brand new to Digikam (first post) and looking to organize up to a
million original pieces of film.  I currently have scanned around 100,000
images and they are stored in different digital and physical locations. 
What I need is both a digital media database (for the scanned images
including the scanner etc, type of scan - which I believe I can use tags and
such but would like to use tables for the genres) as well as an inventory
management system for the physical product

I sell these photos on different platforms and make CSV files (including
image location, title, price, description, etc) depending on the site and
how the CSV is created.  And get CSV sales records from those platforms
(where I manage sales to collectors)

I don't think Digikam by itself can handle what I am requiring where I would
have to tie in another database with sales records, customer data, pricing
mechanisms of individual original film and photos, etc).

Would I use Digikam to import my records and use another database for
inventory and customer management including physical locations, pricing,
sales records, customer data.  Then create a front end merging the two where
I can do queries such as sales data for set xyz (so I can see prices).  I
would love it to have the look and feel as Digikam.  I think this most
likely is the direction I have to take

I doupt I can simply add tables and modify query reports in Digikam itself
and have it be both digital asset management and inventory / sales

Can anyone give me advise on how to tackle this project?

Thank you,

Al Cheech

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