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Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Sun Jul 8 11:11:26 BST 2018

Hi all,

Recently, few people ask in this room to find information about how to
contribute to digiKam project.

The current guide to contribute available on web site are completly broken :


This point on obscur API from internal Upnp sdk that we don't care and that
i voluntary disable in doxygen config from digiKam core.

After 2 days to try to fix this problem, i lost the way to use the KDE API
online site to export the digiKam Doxygen documentation. This do not work
and do not follow the long settings that i write to optimize the output.
This settings is located in Doxyfile from root source directory.

As I already said previously, KDE project sound lost to do to much work and
the basis do not work or with the time stop to work.

I want something working well, simple to drive and configure. The optimum
solution is to export the API doc generated locally, which respect my
settings and do the job quickly. As i already said previously, my time is
precious and i don't wont to lost my to time to learn again to drive my car.

So the script is simple and is located in project/scripts/exportapi.sh.

The result is here :


As you can see, i started to merge a lots of developers documentation from
everywhere. The goal is to have a main page with all necessary grouped to
start to contribute to the project. I also limited to documentation
settings to the public API documentation, with few class graph.

Here the main page is very important and contents is simply located to
Mainpage.dox file from root source directory.

It still a lots of pending task to do :

- Write a lots of pointer to main and most important classes from digiKam
- Add more description in classes documentation. Few are well documented,
other one, no. It's now the time make pointers better for new contributors.
- Import the cmake documentation explaining how the compilation rules is
written to compile quickly the whole project. See this documentation to
import and update in doxygen :


To the question about "why not to use the KDE wiki instead git/doxygen
implementation", my response is simple : in the past, we use a lots of wiki
page to write the doc, and in one day, we lost all the contents due to a
wiki manager update. So the ulimate solution is to use git and doxygen,
that all...


Gilles Caulier
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