digiKam 6.0.0 BQM and export to web services

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Sat Jan 20 12:18:56 GMT 2018

Hi all,

For 6.0.0, i plan to changes several features in Batch Queue Manager about
to export automatically a list of items from a list to a remote web service.

Typically, you put the items to batch process in BQM, you set the remote
web service to export the queue at end, you press run and you can take a
coffee. Welcome to DK 2018 (:=)))...

I collected a lots of entries in bugzilla about this topic :


==> resolved in BQM as well.


==> resolved in BQM as well, all is multithreaded.


==> resolved with BQM of course.


==> in BQM using ssh qt interface.


=> In BQM export tools will write post processed file in a temp album


==> Thanks to BQM to provide all editor tools in batch process (:=)))...


==> More and less done with OAuth2 for the logging. For the transfert,
typically, all recent web service must use ssl based communication. Please
confirm this point if you know the response...


==> Must be included in new BQM export settings.


==> BQM has already a tool dedicated for this task.


==> Done by OAuth2 automatically ??? We cannot use KF5Wallet here. It's KDE
only solution, and i don't want to be more KDE dependent. The goal is to
move DK to a pure Qt5 application in the future.


==> Flickr export tool has these kind of options. So it's specific to each
web service and the relevant code must be included in export tool low level


==> In BQM already. this will factorize a lots of code in export tool


==> Automatically done by DMetadata from digiKam core.


==> BQM can rename files before to export (:=))))....


==> BQM can rotate files automatically before to export (:=))))....


==> Removing metadata from file remove tags already in BQM.

There are more entries relevant of this project but there are more
specifics and must be managed in a second stage.

To resume my plan.

- In BQM queue settings, add a new view to setup an export stage where user
can choose a web service as flickr, imgur, dropbox, google, facebook,
etc... This view must include the login info and the target dir in remote
server to host items previously processed by the queue.

- add new BQM low level tools to manage the export operation with the
network. Each tool must include :

* A stage to log on user in remote server.
* A stage to list remote directory.
* A stage to list features from remote web service.
* A stage to send files to remote server.
* A stage to log off user in remote server.

- each new BQM export tools will include a customized settings widget to
host web service properties.

VoilĂ . All constructive comments are welcome.

My best

Gilles Caulier
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